Saturday, March 5, 2011

Liverpool vs Manchester United (as happened in real life)

Derby day! Never ever dull, rarely quiet. Now I'm John Champion and alongside me is Jim Bracklett.

Suarez to Carroll..he slips around and GOALL!!!!!

Boy...never-ever underestimate an Englishman.

United trailing by one goal to nil. Can they climb back into the game?

Rooney lost the ball. Carragher. Meirelles, he found Gerrard. A sweet long pass...he's in front! Suarez!!! 2-0!!!

Here in this derby battle, he makes a big question to all those doubting!! Fernando who?

A sweeping counter by Liverpool! It's 3 against 1! Carroll gives to Johnson. Johnson past Vidic..he round the ball and 3-0!! It's Meirelles!!

Raul Meirelles!! This boy just can't stop scoring.

And there it is! The final whistle had blown! Liverpool emerged as the winner!

And it was a resounding and commanding win by Liverpool I must say.

Meanwhile, the post match press conference.

"We know where we want to go as a club and we do not want to be at a club that's going to be sixth or seventh or eighth in the league.There are five positions between us and United in the league at the moment; it is a gulf. There is a lot of work to be done to get where we need to be.A lot of work will be done on the training pitch and the transfer market to get there as quickly as we can. We have to push closer and that work will be done in the transfer market and the training pitch."

The hidden meaning,

"I'm going to knock you off your fucking perch"


HBO said...

klau btul la ni, mmg aku bli boxer liverpool,ahahaha :D

Nazrin Saad said...

sambungan :

" apabila aku meraikan kemenangan liverpool, aku terjaga dari tidur. rupa-rupanya ia adalah sebuah mimpi semata-mata.

say- O said...

kalau menang 3-0 esok ko beli satu tau!

nazrin: tido tak basuh kaki.

Nazrin Saad said...

jangan cakap ja. kasi menang. tak menang aku balik tidur.