Friday, January 28, 2011

Klinik PES 2011


Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1Malaysia.

Alright guys, since I don't have much time so i'm gonna be frank this time. I want to write articles about PES 2011. Be it tacticals , formations, skills, gossips..whatever. I feel i am obliged and have the responsibility to do so. Like the old saying - murah ilmu, murah rezeki.

So, I want to ask. Can I do so? Do you agree?

Because I think at least i will serve for the good of you readers with my speciality in PES. Right?

I know my fellow writer mr HBO had published two posts about PES. That's why I humbly asking permission and opinions from you.

Last but not the least, we all love PES right?


hiruma89 said...

we love Say-O..yeayh bebeh

say- O said...

ok aku kira tu sebagai kata setuju.nanti aku type.

HBO said...

setuju!! :D